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-A wealth of knowledge and experience managing events, staff, and athletes.

-Demonstrated track record with project management and planning.

-Proven results in sales, Sponsorship Procurement, and developing strategic relationships.

-Social Media Savy and can leverage that knowledge to help extend a brand’s reach.

-Experience concepting and facilitating content  creation (Visual and Editorial) 

-Successful history working within a deadline and the ability to juggle multiple responsibilities.

-The ability to work and communicate with varying and different stakeholders.

-Knows how to motivate people and team players.

-Understands youth culture and can adapt to any setting.

-Knowledge of social media and how it pertains to broadcasting valuable knowledge to followers of a brand.

-Comfortable around large scale events.

-The ability to change appearance and presentation strategies to match vastly different audiences.

-Familiar with multiple personality types, helpful when managing staff, athletes, and volunteers.

-Educated and professionally-minded but still knows how to enjoy life.

A Sampling of Companies and Clients


Bryce T. Maxwell