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I grew up in a small town in Northern Michigan, where being grounded and working hard are expected. Over the years, getting exposure to a variety of activities and careers, allowed me to engineer a diverse skill set.  As a child, I excelled at traditional stick and ball type sports, but eventually gravitated towards power-sports and snowboarding. Along the way, I became a pretty good photographer, a professional snowboard judge, and a live venue announcer. This helped me transition into mastering my project manager and event promoter skills, develop my marketing and advertising experience, and build my approach to sales. As a result, I’ve traveled the country, met plenty of great people, and developed some amazing relationships. Not bad for a kid who grew up in the middle of nowhere.

In this personal portfolio you will find a traditional CV Resume as well as additional materials to illustrate my skills. The design, structure, and layout are pretty straightforward and easy to navigate.  The menus at the top of the page will help.  


Bryce T. Maxwell

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Bryce T. Maxwell

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